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Grand Horizons - assisted living for the elderly and memory care


Grand Horizons Appleton is located in a quiet neighborhood on the northeast suburb of Appleton.  You can view where we are by using the maps below or Click Here to go to Google Maps and find your way to Grand Horizons. 

Directions to Grand Horizons in Appleton:  Off highway 41, exit Ballard Rd and go North on Ballard.  After 2 stop lights, you will come to Edgewood (Cnty JJ).  Turn right on Edgewood.  Go East on Edgewood for about 1 mile.  Cherryvale comes to a T-stop on Edgewood from the South.  At Edgewood, turn right and Grand Horizons is the first building on the left side of the road.  Grand Horizons is right next to the Player's Choice.  If you go past the Player's Choice on Edgewood, then you have passed Grand Horizons.

Addresses for the three Appleton locations are:  5102, 5117 and 5118 N. Cherryvale Ave, Appleton, WI 54913 


Above is an overview where Grand Horizons is in relation to the city of Appleton.